Skincare Travel Tips

Skincare When Traveling

Don’t let your skincare routine take a back seat when traveling this holiday season. Long overnight flights, road trips, and train rides can affect your skin. That’s why it’s important to have a professional skincare regimen prepared when it’s time for those family holidays. Let’s look at some skincare travel tips, ideas, and products for healthy skin while you travel. 

Changes to Your Schedule

Couple Doing Morning Skincare While on Vacation

We know once you check into a hotel after a long trip all you want to do is lay down in that king-size bed and rest. But you can’t, you have places to go and people to see.

Don’t stray too far away from keeping a consistent skincare routine while you’re out and about. Those free face cleansers and shampoos may be tempting, but your skin deserves better. Your goal is to adapt, not reinvent the wheel. All you need to do is tweak your routine and bring along some must-have products. 

Always Moisturize

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When flying at high altitudes, the air becomes dry and lacks moisture. Your skin may begin to break out or become blotchy if your body is not properly hydrated. By drinking a bottle of water before stepping on a plane, and then drinking one during the flight, you can save your skin a lot of stress.

Water alone may not be enough to maintain beautiful skin. You can always increase hydration by using moisturizers. Some products and ideas we recommend include: 

  • Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme 
  • AGELESS Total Repair Creme
  • Use a facial mist to fight dryness and brighten the complexion 
  • Don’t forget to use moisturizer for your lips – they need moisture too. 

The products on this list can also help fade sun damage, diminish fine lines, and stimulate cellular turnover for firmer-looking skin. 

Don't Forget SPF

Woman Applying Sunscreen

Having a reliable sunscreen such as PREVENTION+ daily moisturizer SPF 50 by Image, is a key factor in any skincare regimen. You must protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn and play a role in skin cancer. A sunscreen’s SPF number refers to the amount of UVB protection it holds.

Those UV rays can still pop out when it’s cloudy, so bring sunscreen along, no matter the destination.

Avoid Dark Circles

Everyone knows the holidays can mean overnight travel with little to no sleep. Whether you’re journeying by car or plane, long-distance traveling can take a toll on your eyes. Those dark circles and puffy eyes will start creeping up on you so make plans to avoid them altogether.

Skip the mascara and go natural after adding a grow lash treatment. Including one or more of these ideas to your routine will be sure to revitalize your whole look:

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Simple skincare when you travel

Drinking Water While Traveling on Airplane

Not every step in the skincare process requires pricey products. Take a few of these skin care ideas into consideration when you’re getting ready for the holiday season.

  • Don’t touch your face – traveling makes for dirty hands 
  • Skip makeup on travel days 
  • Carry facial wipes or oil blotting cloths 
  • ALWAYS drink water
  • Look for your favorite skincare products in travel sizes that can be easily tucked in your carry-on bag

Keep these skincare travel tips in mind when traveling this holiday season. Your skin will thank you later! Schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained physicians or aestheticians today. We can help prepare you for your travels. 

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