Possible Causes and Remedies for a Double Chin

Possible Causes of a Double Chin

Whether it’s due to weight gain, age, or genetics, nobody wants to deal with a double chin. These pesky flaps of skin can make even the most confident person shy away from their reflection. Here we will provide some possible causes and remedies for a double chin. 

Causes of a Double Chin

Certain Medical Conditions Can Cause Double Chin
  • Increased Time Spent on Cell Phone or Other Mobile Devices.  Holding your head in a downward position while on your phone, lap top or other portable device can not only wreak havoc on your posture, but it can lead to an increase in the size of your chin, as well as causing a sagging neckline.
  • A Health-Related Issue.  There are various medical conditions that may contribute to a double chin.  Some of these include an underactive thyroid, Cushing’s disease, kidney disorders, salivary gland inflammation and a sinus infection.

One indication that your double chin is related to a medical concern is that it may come on suddenly, and might not be related to a change in diet or level of physical activity.

  • Weight Gain or Lack of Exercise.  An increase in your weight or leading a more sedentary lifestyle may cause your double chin to become more prominent.
Double Chin Can be Caused by Menopause
  • Age and Decreased Skin Laxity. This is particularly common in women after they have gone through menopause, causing a double chin or loose skin in the chin and neck area.
  • Genetics. A double chin may be a genetic trait passed down from one generation to the next.

Possible Remedies for a Double Chin

  • There are several tricks that you can try that may help minimize your double chin.
  • Minimize time on your devices, such as your cell phone or iPad, and take frequent breaks.  During this time, pay attention to your posture and try to straighten your spine and neck.  This may help your double chin from getting worse, and help you feel refreshed and energized as well.
  • Have a physical and make sure your double chin is not being caused by any of the health problems mentioned previously, such as thyroid issues or salivary gland inflammation.  If so, correcting the health condition may in turn help minimize your chin.
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  • Exercise and weight loss can help to reduce your double chin. There are also many exercises that can tighten the facial muscles around the chin, neck and mouth.  Even chewing gum can help by exercising the muscles of the jaw.
  • There are various creams and lotions on the market that can help to tighten the skin on the neck and neck.  Although the results may be temporary, some of these topical solutions can help you look and feel better for a special event or night out.
  • The best remedy for a double chin may be Coolsculpting. If you want to lose your double chin fast, this may be just the procedure for you. This treatment uses an innovative, targeted cooling technology applicator. The high-tech tool effectively eliminates fat cells below the skin’s surface. Going over fat cells with this tool brings them to a freezing temperature.
Coolsculpting your Double Chin
  • Through this process known as “cryolipolysis”, the fat cells die off naturally. Coolsculpting causes no damage to the surrounding skin tissue, and the procedure for a double chin can be done in as little as one office visit.  

What Are the Benefits of Coolsculpting?

Once you find a treatment, like Coolsculpting, that works to help reduce your double chin, you can look forward to: 

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lasting results
  • Little to no recovery time
  • No special diets
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If you want to learn more about Coolsculpting as a remedy for a double chin or for other areas of the body, Contact Vibrance today to speak to one of our caring and professional associates.  

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