Body Contouring: VelaShape III vs CoolSculpting


In this guide, we will explain the process of non-surgical fat reduction and what to expect. We’ll also explain what body contouring is and two procedures that are non-invasive with quick results.

Are you dealing with stubborn fat that keeps making you fall short of the look you want to achieve?

Have you tried regular exercise, body wraps, strict dieting, and everything else in your power? For many people, it seems like some fat deposits just won’t go away without extra help.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat

Accumulated fat tissue affects both men and women. It can be due to a person’s lifestyle and is sometimes due to heredity.

In the past, liposuction was a popular method of contouring to remove excess fat. But many people have expressed their dislike of having an invasion surgery with recovery time.

Fortunately, there are now options for expelling excess fat deposits. Non-surgical, FDA-cleared solutions like VelaShape III and CoolSculpting are available.

Many people schedule a non-surgical body contouring treatment to reduce stubborn fat at our award-winning medical spa. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth DiStefano leads the Vibrance Medspa team located in Denville, NJ.

Read on to learn more about body contouring treatments and how Vibrance MedSpa can help you.


What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is also known as body sculpting. It is a procedure that reduces unwanted body fat, tightens skin, and shapes targeted parts of the body.

Contouring breaks down fat deposits so that the lymphatic system can remove unwanted cells from the body.

Two of the most popular non-surgical body contouring options include VelaShape III and CoolSculpting.

VelaShape III uses infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy, and massage treatment to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

CoolSculpting targets obstinate fat cells and stops them in their tracks using its fat-freezing technology.


What Is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is a modern non-surgical body contouring approach that tightens and smooths skin. It reduces body fat in one procedure and improves the appearance of the skin.

VelaShape III technology merges infrared exposure, mild suction, and bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to target fat. Fat cells and their chambers begin to shrink from the concentration of RF energy.

It also utilizes vacuum massage to help break up large deposits and expel them from the body. The process makes treatment virtually painless for patients.

Treatment sessions are short, and you can get back to your activities soon after.

VelaShape III is primarily used as a cellulite reduction treatment. It eliminates the appearance of cellulite by minimizing lines and pitted areas. It tones the skin’s surface for a smoother overall look.

If you lost weight and have sagging skin, Velashape III can help you tighten up by renewing the skin’s surface.

After the procedure, patients feel immediate relief in the affected areas. Typically, they experience a reduction in circumference, enhanced skin tone, and an increase in confidence.


What Is CoolSculpting?

While VelaShape III heats unwanted fat, CoolSculpting freezes it away, just as the name suggests.

This non-invasive body contouring treatment is also known as Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing. It reduces body fat by freezing the unwanted cells until they break down. The fat cells that were targeted in the procedure will be naturally eliminated from the body over the next few weeks. This is all done without the slightest damage to surrounding tissues in the body.

CoolSculpting is intended to reduce excess fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. CoolSculpting helps reduce abdomen, love handles, double chins, and floppy upper arms.

This technology adopts a gentle and subtle approach to removing unwanted fat deposits. The CoolSculpting device freezes away fat providing a more contoured shape in the coming weeks.

During CoolSculpting treatments, some people may experience minor discomfort. The machine applies both cold and suction to the skin’s surface. A patient’s skin will feel chilly for the first few minutes of the procedure until the area becomes numb.


Best Areas to Treat

The most popular treatment areas for either procedure the abdomen, flank, buttocks, and thighs.

Other areas for consideration for CoolSculpting may include knees, pecs, chin, arms, and back.

Regardless of where you have the procedure, each treatment is designed to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

How Long Does VelaShape III Last?

The outcome of the treatment is highly dependent on a patient’s lifestyle and health. VelaShape III is not a permanent cure for cellulite, however, a patient will experience drastic improvements.

Most patients average 3-5 treatments and come in once or twice a year for a follow up treatment to provide more sustainable results. Velashape III treatments will last anywhere from 6 months to two years, depending on a person’s lifestyle and health regimen.

We recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet packed with the best nutrients for hair, skin, and nails to achieve long-lasting results.

How Long Does CoolSculpting Last?

A patient can expect to see visible results after only one treatment. A slimmer contour will continue to emerge in the next three to four weeks as the targeted fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body.

Each CoolSom culpting treatment will last indefinitely unless a patient continues to gain new weight. Aftercare recommendations include maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


Are you frustrated from your never-ending battle with stubborn fat and sagging skin? Now there is finally a way for you to take control and get the results you want with one of our Vibrance MedSpa body contouring treatments.

We have been helping clients achieve their bodysculpting results for over ten years with tried-and-true CoolSculpting and VelaShape technology.

Don’t let anything hold you back from achieving the look you desire.

To learn more about our non-surgical fat reduction options, contact us today.

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