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Sming Man with Well-Maintained Beard

Giving Your Beard the Royal Treatment

A well-maintained beard is a thing of admiration nowadays. From short scruff to the full-grown mountain look, people love a good beard. However, with a great beard comes great skin frustrations without a proper skincare routine.

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The Keto Diet Foods

The Keto Diet and Your Skin

The ketogenic (keto) diet has recently been gaining in popularity. People find this diet advantageous because they can consume a high level of fats while losing a significant amount of weight. This means you can lose weight with little hunger compared to other diets. But, how does a high fat intake in a keto diet affect your skin’s overall appearance?

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Back to School - Girl with Books and Backpack

Back to School: Essential Tips for Flawless Skin

Time to go back to school! That means classes, homework, sports, and clubs, not to mention hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in months. With everything on your plate, it can be easy to overlook your skincare until it is too late. Here are some great tips to keep your skin smooth and flawless for the school year!

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