10 Self-Care Tips for the Holidays


As you handle your shopping, cooking, decorating, and socializing, use these self-care tips to ensure you don’t get an overdose of holiday fever.

Life is stressful enough this year. Throw the holidays into the mix, and you could end up with fatigue, bouts of anxiety, or difficulty thinking clearly. Be alert to the ways you react to holiday gatherings and preparations. This is one time of the year when it’s especially important to take care of yourself.


  1. Avoid Situations that Are Anxiety-Inducing

Don’t be afraid to say no to activities that you don’t want to attend. It’s all too easy to over-schedule your life. Even during a pandemic, you may be invited to dozens of parties and gatherings.

Before accepting an invitation, think about it carefully. How much time or energy will it require from you? Is it worth it? 2020 may be the year you decide to concentrate on simple home activities and traditions.


  1. Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have is a great way to turn a stressed-out mood into contentment. Take some time to keep a gratitude journal this holiday season. The items you are thankful for can be very basic. Are you thankful for the blue sky outside? Are you thankful for a hot shower in the morning? Whatever it is, write it down, and smile.

Being consistent with your journal is easier if you take a few minutes to write in it at the same time every day. Try it in the morning before you begin your day.


  1. Relax. . .and Repeat

What does relax mean to you? When you take time daily to calm your emotions, you are taking care of yourself. Relaxation techniques may include deep breathing exercises, listening to soothing music, reading a book, or practicing yoga. Need something to really relax you? Come in for a facial. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and your mind will feel Zen.


  1. Be Creative, Regularly

Giving yourself time is a gift for a very deserving person. Bake your favorite holiday cookies (and skip the ones that you don’t like to make). Set up a relaxing candlelight dinner for your family. Work on a craft. Paint your nails. Practice a musical instrument.

You can make this holiday season easier by intentionally setting aside time to do things that spark your imagination.


  1. Stick to a Plan When it Comes to Eating Holiday Treats

Resist the temptation to overindulge in your favorite holiday foods and drinks. Setting up a few personal guidelines will help you get through the parties and urges to snack without feeling guilty about how much you ate. Your plan may limit you to two glasses of wine, or a small piece of your favorite desserts.

Do you have trouble walking past all the holiday treats on sale at the grocery store? Allow yourself one treat per grocery trip and stick to your list for the rest of your food.

Make sure you also plan on eating healthy, nutritional foods during the holidays. Prepare yourself simple, nutritious meals in advance, so you can quickly get them ready. Remaining healthy and not taking in too much sugar or alcohol will help you control your anxiety.


  1. Exercise Your Stress Away

Making time to exercise is vital. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the gym, or a vigorous 30-minute workout. Instead, plan on taking a walk outside every day. Connecting with nature is a proven way to reduce stress and increase positivity in yourself.

Your walk doesn’t have to be long or fast. Instead, work on being mindful as you exercise. Notice the way your arms and legs are moving. Breathe deep breaths. Listen to the sounds around you. Take note of the weather. This simple routine will help you feel better and more capable to handle the rest of your day.

Make sure your daily exercise is relaxing. Walking while you are shopping or stretching while you’re hanging Christmas lights doesn’t count. You need to take time away from the activities that create anxiety.


  1. Be Consistent with Your Sleep

This should be the number one tip because good, regular sleep is so important to your body. Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep will increase stress and anxiety. Regular sleep (we’re talking about 7-9 hours every night) helps your entire body rest and repair, leaving you with more energy during the day. Good sleep is also very important for skincare.


  1. Simplify Your Decorating Routine

It’s okay if your home isn’t as bright and shiny as your neighbor’s house. The world will not end if you don’t hang up all the garland and wreaths that you have packed up in storage. This year decide that you want a simple holiday.

Choose only your favorite, most meaningful ornaments and decorations, and let them take center stage in your home. You can keep the rest packed away.


  1. Spend a Day Doing Nothing

Do you need a vacation from your holiday? Giving yourself a day to rest and restart will help you survive the season. What will you do on your day of relaxation? Sleep in. Read a book. Watch people walk by on the sidewalk. Enjoy a favorite movie. Take time to pamper your body with a Hydrafacial treatment, a permanent makeup procedure, or skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

If, like most people, you need to get out of the house, choose establishments that keep your health and safety in mind. Businesses that have protocols in place regarding cleanliness, wearing masks, and social distancing are the best choice.

  1. Keep Germs at Bay with Electronic Gift Certificates

Make gifting easier this year with contact-free electronic gift cards. Vibrance MedSpa cares about the health and the safety of everyone who uses our services. We want you to have a merry holiday season. Worry a little less.

Contact us to ask about our electronic gift cards. Giving the gift of beauty and relaxation helps others with their own self-care methods in the coming new year.

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